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Om swastiastu. Welcome to our October issue!

October weather starts to warm with rainfall amounts also increasing. Average temperatures on the island are 27°C, with typical lows of 23°C and highs of 31°C. October starts to feel more like the rainy season, though rain fall is usually quite low but it will be quiet big in certain areas and times.

For those visiting Bali, there continue to be many great deals at hotels and properties across the island. Many properties are offering interesting packages, offering bargains and exibility for savvy travelers.

Check out our What’s New in Bali section for some great specials event at Canna Bali and from The Ritz Carlton Bali

We strongly recommend taking advantage of these times and visiting somewhere you haven’t been before. With much less traf c on the island these days, getting to most places is a breeze. You may never be able to enjoy these quiet roads, sites and properties like this again, so get out there and enjoy it!

If you’ve had a wonderful time here in Bali, or have tried something exciting and new that you would like us to know about, contact us! We al- ways love to hear from you. Reach us on Facebook (Baliplus Magazine) and Instagram (@baliplus). Tag us or send us messages with your favorite Bali photos and stories and we might just share it on our feed. Meanwhile, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter via our website where you’ll nd the latest updates, articles and blogs to help you on your visit. ‘Til next time, Om shanti Om, stay safe and welcome to Bali!


The Bali Plus Team

Photo by Made Astawa







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