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Om swastiastu. Welcome to our August issue!

We are just over half way through the year and it is a good point to press pause and reflect on what we have just experienced. One thing for certain is we all have had much opportunity to choose how we dealt with has been thrown at us and look ahead to sunnier days.

August may be the best weather month in Bali. It is often one of the driest months with pleasant temperatures to match. Cooler ocean temperatures make for refreshing dips in the ocean. Beaches are officially opened which is welcome news and August is a great month to be outdoors

Bali well known as a party destination during summer, many parties are held from the private villas, bars, night clubs to the beach club rave party and that goes from sunset to sunrise, many international Djs has performed in this island bringing the party goers from around the world

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‘Til next time, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om, stay safe and welcome to Bali!

-The Bali Plus Team

Photo Courtesy By : CANNA BALI