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Editorial October 2023

Tourists, Travelers, & Adventure-seekers…

Om swastiastu. Welcome to our October issue!

Welcome, October! It’s an exciting month with 2 important days in Balinese Hindu calendar. Dont Miss the ceremony of Kajeng Kliwon and Tumpek Kandang.

Kajeng Kliwon
11 & 26 October 2023
Kajeng Kliwon is an important day in the Balinese Hindu calendar. According to Hindu Dharma Kajeng Kliwon is an auspicious day for Bhuta Kala (evil spirits) to run amok and create chaos among humans and nature, therefore ceremonies and prayers must be held on this day to retain harmony and the delicate balance in between humans and the spirits that occupy the universe.

Tumpek Kandang
21 October 2023
Tumpek Kandang a day dedicated to worshipping Lord Shiva Pasupati, the God of animals, by thanking and showing appreciation for the animals accompanying and enriching our lives.

This day, all animals are honoured, without exception – from dogs and cats to chickens, pigs, and cows, for the parts they play in our lives, providing protection, companionship, and even assistance in ploughing the fields. Animals are decorated in beautiful cloth, decorative ornaments, and flowers, prayed over, blessed, and fed special foods.

The Tumpek Kandang celebration reminds us all to have compassion and respect for all living creatures. We hope that this message will extend into the animals’ daily lives and that all living beings are afforded this appreciation every day of the year.

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‘Til next time, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om, stay safe and welcome to Bali!

-The Bali Plus Team

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